Four ways to beat the winter blues

November 1, 2013 - Psychology

winter blues 78050327The cold weather is setting in and the days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate. Here are some fun ideas to help you stave off those winter blues.

Boost your brainpower
You don’t need to go to a pub quiz to improve your general knowledge. The web is full of sites dedicated to challenging your brain, such as Or have a go at Mastermind ( Don’t have access to a computer? Treat yourself to a Nintendo DS and buy Big Brain Academy or the ever-popular Brain Training game – both designed to boost your IQ.

Make-up masterclass
Fed up wearing the same make-up day in, day out? Get inspiration from Lauren Luke, the Newcastle mum who shot to fame last year with her online make-up tutorials. Lauren now has her own YouTube channel. Check her out her videos on YouTube. Alternatively, try make-up artist Sam Chapman’s tutorials. Sam’s worked her magic on several LighterLife magazine shoots. Find her at

Plan an escape
Banish thoughts of a cold, dreary winter by making plans for the year ahead. Hoping to take a holiday? Then check out the Travel Inspiration section on, which gives you suggestions of places to travel to and includes honest reviews and ratings from people who’ve been there. Staying closer to home? Then check out the National Trust website, which has plenty of inspiring ideas for days out with friends or family

Start a blog
Unleash some creativity by starting a blog. You can write about anything. Perhaps you’ll chart your weight-loss journey, give book and film reviews, or blog about a hobby. Sites like and allow you to start a blog for free and are fairly straightforward to use. Stuck on what to write? Get inspired by signing up to, which shows you great web pages, videos and blogs tailored to suit your interests.