Challenge yourself to stay motivated

November 18, 2014 - Psychology, Weight loss tips


While on your weight-loss journey it can be hard to stay motivated so we’ve created a great activity that you can do to challenge yourself. It will not only boost your motivation but keep you one step ahead.

On your weight-loss journey you will encounter many ups and downs but don’t forget you’re heading in a new, exciting direction. Motivation is what helps you to keep going no matter what; so challenge yourself daily and begin to make things happen. Then use yourself as a role model and feel inspired by how you are changing.

How to challenge yourself
Using the table similar to the one below, think of the different areas of your life and write a list of five new things you could do in each area:


Once you start doing new things it’ll be easy to start thinking differently about yourself.

If you’ve always thought of yourself as tone deaf but enjoy music, why not start learning the guitar or join a choir? Or if you think of yourself as a technophobe, challenge yourself to set up an Ebay account to get rid of unwanted items, or join a social network and hook up with old friends.

Mastering your limitations, step by step, will encourage you to take on bigger challenges – great motivation for a new, you.