Challenge your thinking – increase your can-ability

November 25, 2015 - Psychology
Challenge your thinking – increase your can-ability

Oh no I can’t… Oh yes you can, with this simple way of challenging your thinking.

There are different types of “I can’t”

Indisputable facts

I can’t fly – you literally cannot fly

Things you just don’t want to do

I can’t ski – and you have no desire to do so

There is no point spending energy on these things that are factually true or have no desire to do, it’s a waste of your time.

Things you actually want to do but think that you can’t at the moment

I can’t exercise in the morning

It’s far more useful to look at these things and decide on what changes you need to make so you can do them.

Changing “I think I can’t” to “I know I can” involves four steps:

Identify the results you want – think about the beliefs you have – identify the skills you have – create a plan to achieve those results!

Change your mindset today.