LighterLife groups – your secret weapon for weight-management success!

May 29, 2012 - News

At LighterLife we are passionate about helping people lead a lighter life and our Counsellors have all the techniques and tools to help make this happen in our LighterLife groups.

At the end of April we asked our fans on Facebook ‘What’s your favourite group module? – because we want to know what our members most enjoy exploring in their weekly groups.

And here are the results of our Facebook poll;

1st Challenge

2nd Messages

3rd Recognition

4th Perception

5th Time

6th Connections

7th Transitions

8th Direction

9th Assertiveness

Read on for a glimpse into what sort of topics the top three modules cover and an insight into why the group work is a fundamental part of the LighterLife programme and is key to our members’ weight management success.


Based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which can help you identify, understand and sort out issues in your life, this module encourages you to challenge your crooked thinking – those exaggerated, unrealistic thoughts that really don’t help in a situation (you know the ones: ‘I’m useless! This always happens to me…’) And once you’re thinking better, not only will you feel better, but you’ll be able to manage your weight – and your life – better, too.


Everyone wants and needs to feel valued so a lack of recognition from other people can leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied. And that can be the trigger for reaching for food – you’re using it to try to fill that emptiness, when what you really need is some positive recognition, even just a ‘hello’ or a smile. Eating in this way is often called ‘comfort eating’, but it should really be called ‘discomfort eating’, because that’s exactly what it’s doing – eating to cover up uncomfortable feelings. This module helps you recognise when you’ve used food in this way and how you can build more supportive types of recognition into your life.


Identifying situations where you’ve overeaten in the past can help you design healthier strategies for dealing with them in the future – ones that don’t rely on food. This module can help you identify eye-opening links between how you spend your time and when you might be more likely to overeat.

We’re different!

You’re probably getting the idea that this is all a bit different from the usual ‘diet club’ approach… and that’s the ‘secret’ of LighterLife. We’re not just about weight loss – we want to help you make real, lasting changes in your life, for life. And the key to achieving this is through our groups, where you learn to become an expert weight manager, not an expert dieter.

Each module in your group gives you the opportunity to;

Start changing your life NOW!

Imagine your healthier future – how great it feels, what you’re able to do, how exciting it is! Now bring some of that excitement into your present by checking out where you can make small, manageable changes to your current lifestyle – because everything counts, and everything helps. And in your group we can show you how to leap over any obstacles in the way of you leading the life you want.

‘Coming together is a beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success.’

Henry Ford

If you want to find out how LighterLife has helped others develop the mindset for life-changing weight loss visit our LighterLife Facebook page, Twitter or our website to start your journey toward a lighter life.

2 thoughts on “LighterLife groups – your secret weapon for weight-management success!

Rosimar vertuani

Hello there ,
I am on my first week on Total Plan … I have to confess I am finding it very difficult, specially because I have to cook for my 7 years old son and his dad, I don’t want to give up , so please is there anything or any way of making it a bit easier ??? :)


    Hi there, if you have to cook, freeze meals in batches so you can limit your cooking to, say, one day a week. Or prepare meals you don’t like, and don’t cook too much – there’s one less mouth to feed (yours). Try cooking fixed-portion foods such as chicken breasts, where it’d be obvious if you swiped a bit. There are plenty more tips on page 24 of your ‘My Journey’ book. Hope this helps.

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