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August 13, 2013 - News

GB-WEIGHT-OFF-logowebWant to lose weight but not sure how to go about it? As part of our Great British Weight Off campaign, our experts will be answering all your questions on shedding those pounds and how the LighterLife programme can help you.

Our live web chat will give you the chance to get all those questions you have about losing weight answered. It takes place on Tuesday 13 August, 1pm – 2pm right here – scroll down to view the web chat box below.

Live web chat

Set yourself a reminder using the box below and come back to this page on Tuesday 13 August at 1pm to view the web chat.

Meet the experts

LighterLife’s expert team will be on hand to answer your questions about losing weight in our web chat. They are:

rob ronaRob Rona – Head of Programme Development at LighterLife
Rob heads up the development of the LighterLife’s weight management programmes and products. Having worked in product development for over 10 years, including almost five years at LighterLife, Rob is well placed to provide insight into how the company’s programme works and comment on the unique experience that they deliver to its clients.

kelly johnstonDr Kelly Johnston – Head of Nutrition and Research and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Obesity Research in Epidemiology
With a PhD in nutrient absorption and gut physiology, and several years post-doctoral research experience in both laboratory based and clinical nutrition science, Kelly has developed a specialist interest in several different areas of nutrition and health related research including weight loss and weight management, satiety and treatment of metabolic syndrome. With many years research and managerial experience in academic, CRO and commercial environments Kelly also has a comprehensive knowledge base and awareness of key trends in nutrition and functional ingredients and is the go-to person at Lighterlife for all food and nutrition based regulatory affairs.

3 thoughts on “Live web chat: losing weight with LighterLife

NAtty Machin

Hi there I am insulin diabetic and need some tips on losing weight please? Thank you


    Hello! In answer to your recent query, significantly cutting back on calories, especially carbohydrates is known to be a very effective way for those with T2DM to lose weight. As with all weight loss plans, you will need to speak with your doctor about this prior to starting, but certainly there is much research in the area of VLCDs and its efficacy in helping reduce the severity of and indeed completely reverse T2DM completely. Researchers at Newcastle University are very active in this area and the television show Food Hospital, just two weeks ago showed that calorie restriction (using a VLCD) had the biggest impact on weight loss and also helped a participants reverse their T2DM completely. You must speak with your doctor first though. Good luck!

NAtty Machin

Hi there I would like to lose weight with your help . I am insulin controlled diabetic but am desperate to lose some weight.. please help. Kr

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