LighterLife: Diabetes week 2012

June 15, 2012 - News

LighterLife has successfully helped diabetics lose 50% more weight than other methods* and with experts saying that the soaring rate of type 2 diabetes is being fuelled by obesity, we know that losing the excess weight can be life saving!

Want to know how?
Losing excess weight has led to the reversal of the condition as blood sugar levels return to a level that no longer requires medication.

Is losing weight difficult?
At LighterLife we understand that achieving significant weight loss is difficult for anyone with type 2 diabetes (diabetics have been shown to achieve 50% less weight loss than those without type 2 diabetes).

How do we know LighterLife can help?
We carried out an audit last year which followed 355 type 2 diabetes sufferers as they completed 12 weeks on the LighterLife Total programme. What we found is those who took part in the study achieved an average excess weight loss of 46%. We published a press release Type II Diabetes can be reversed by low calorie diets in November 2011 that goes into much more detail.

What was the verdict before the research?
Before our audit it was believed that the symptoms of type 2 diabetes would continue to get worse unless bariatric surgery took place. This has now been disproved in a study carried out by E.L.Lim et al in 2011 which found type 2 diabetes reversible by reducing dietary energy intake, giving hope to type 2 diabetes sufferers that their condition can be reversed.

Why is this relevant to me?
As many as one in 70 people in Britain suffer from type 2 diabetes and Diabetes UK have highlighted that 850,000 adults with diabetes haven’t even been diagnosed, this is a huge number of people, missing out on life saving health checks. The figures released this week suggest that most people will have a friend or family member who has the condition but doesn’t know they do.

Why not talk to your friends and family about type 2 diabetes, make sure they’re aware that someone can have it for a number of years without realising it. Risk factors for Type 2 diabetes include being overweight, having a large waist and being physically inactive.

Visit our client forum Talking LighterLife or visit our LighterLife Facebook community to read, in our clients own words, how the programme has benefitted their health.

Diabetes UK and Bupa are doing a series of healthy lifestyle roadshows, visiting 50 locations over the coming months, to help identify people at high risk.

If you’d like to find out more about how LighterLife can help you lose 50% more weight visit the LighterLife Website.

*You can read the science behind how LighterLife helped diabetics lose 50% more weight in this report weight loss commensurate with reversal of type 2 diabetes using a vlcd.