Government Plans to Tackle Obesity

October 28, 2011 - News

The government recently announced its latest plans to tackle rising obesity levels. For many, the plans were a little controversial and there has been criticism of the strategy, with claims that it does little to address the reasons why people over eat.

To allow you to make up your own mind, here’s what they said in a nutshell:

Personal Responsibility:
The new strategy proposed by the government to tackle obesity stressed the importance of personal responsibility.

The strategy centers on ‘creating the right environment’ for individuals to maintain a healthy weight and make sensible life choices.

As the BBC reports, plans include heightening council involvement and increasing industry responsibility. Councils will work to create public space and provide the utilities needed to allow for increased physical activity of community members.

Similarly, private firms will be held responsible for providing calorie counts on lunchtime menus and reducing salt levels in food.

Rates of obesity will start to fall from 2020…
In order to achieve this target, the government claims that men and women in the UK need to be honest about what and when they are eating.

Portion size, what we eat and how we cook it are three important factors that should be addressed by the average individual across the UK.

As Professor Sally Davies, the chief medical officer told the BBC, ‘One of the problems is that people are not even honest with themselves about their diets, never mind health professionals’.

It’s suggested that the average UK adult consumes over 10% of the recommended daily calorie intake.

The ever-popular junk food market, designed to provide cheap and efficient access to food, does not help this. Individuals are “manipulated” into consuming products that are drenched in calories and not nutritionally beneficial.

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