Globesity: Time for the World to Lighten Up!

October 21, 2011 - News

At LighterLife we’re proactive in our quest to help members successfully Lighten Up and reach their weight loss targets, but we understand that weight loss just isn’t easy. Today, there are over one and a half billion overweight people in the world, including 500 million who are clinically obese. Here we give an overview of so-called ‘globesity’…

The Worlds Heaviest:

American Samoa has the world’s heaviest population! It’s a relatively small Island located in South Pacific, yet 93.5% of its 66,000 inhabitants are classed as overweight.
Why? Cheap, processed, western foods have been introduced and are incredibly popular!

Europe’s Heaviest:

Germany is the heaviest country in Europe- with 60% of the population classed as obese or overweight.
Why? The Germans are famous for their love of delicious sausage meat and German beer, but unfortunately; both these foods are heavy on the waistline and will contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

Britain is the second heaviest country in Europe- with over 60% classed as overweight! Figures show that almost half of men in England are overweight, as well as 33% of woman!
Why? A combination of highly processed foods and inactivity all contribute to England’s accumulating weight gain.

America’s nightmare weight problem:

Shockingly, one third of all Americans are classed as obese today, while 70% are considered overweight!
Why? Overproduction of oil, fat and sugar. Cheap produce ingredients for processed foods have led to what George Ritzer (1993) has referred to as the ‘McDonaldization’ of society.

Conquer obesity with LighterLife:

The unique LighterLife approach to obesity is cost effective and less intrusive than surgery or prescribed drugs. Weight loss programmes with LighterLife enable individuals to change long-term behaviour through cognitive therapy and transactional analysis. LighterLife offers a determined long-term solution for effective weight loss.

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