Celebrating LighterLife Counsellors

March 26, 2012 - News

LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors are a group of hard-working, supportive individuals who come from all walks of life. They are brought together with the same relentless commitment to helping LighterLife members achieve their goals of effective weight management.

We know just how important your LighterLife Counsellor is to you and how valuable their support is throughout your journey – this is why we are celebrating ourWeight-Management Counsellors and have asked you to share your special words of thanks with us.

Below is a selection of some of our favourite shout-outs that you have been sending in via our LighterLife Facebook and Twitter feeds:

‘My Counsellor is Lisa Murphy in Limerick Ireland. My weight loss is unreal and I have her to thank for giving me lots of great advice and tips.’ Darren

‘Thanks to Frances who has stuck with/supported me through all my ups and downs – literal and figurative with #LighterLife.’ Melody

‘Thanks to my lovely Counsellor Anita for introducing me to myself!’ Sarah

‘I would like to thank my wonderful Counsellor Julia Williams in Swansea for all her help and advice, not only is she inspirational and full of brilliant advice, she makes our group meetings fun – it’s like meeting with a group of friends.’ Louise

‘Lorraine is great. I have been on many journeys and she is always there for me.’ Sheila 

‘To Alison Harvey, my FANTASTIC Ewell Counsellor! My heartfelt thanks for all the hard work and hours she puts in.’ Caroline

You can find out more about our LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors on the LighterLife website. 

Keep telling us how fantastic your Weight-Management Counsellors are on our LighterLife Facebook and Twitter pages.

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April van Es

Julie Larrington has such a light touch. She’s intuitive and works with each person as an individual. She knows just when to push our stop (and think) button. And she does it all without us even noticing!

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