Celebrating LighterLife Counsellors this Christmas!

December 24, 2012 - News

LighterLife counsellorsLast week we asked our fabulous Facebook community to tell us about their LighterLife counsellors and why they’re so great!

And this is what they had to say…

Val Rushton from Carmarthen is absolutely brilliant! I’ve lost 10 stone in just over 6 months. She’s motivated me all the way and has always been there with advice and knowledge. Anytime I need her. Brilliant person as well as counsellor!

My counsellor Tabitha Prince is amazing! She’s supported me through my 7 month journey to enable me to give away a massive 8 stone in weight. She offered me the support and tools to change my life, the way I thought and used food, to reach my goals and maintain my new life and weight loss. More importantly she’s made difficult times fun during our group sessions! I could never thank her enough!

Carolyn Rennie in Sutton – what a motivator! Carolyn is an expert at not letting you skirt over a problem or issue, she’ll help you turn it around into a positive thought to hold with you as a strength. She has a very clever way of making our meeting’s extremely interesting. I think it’s amazing that sometimes things slot into place whilst your in the meeting and you get those Kerching moments! Carolyn is a very talented lady and she has certainly helped me make my life lighter, happier and more fulfilled!

Caroline Martin from Torquay is FABULOUS and an inspiration to all of us on the LighterLife journey. I could not have done it without her. 7 stone lost in 6 months. I’m forever grateful!

Julie Dickerson Williams from Swansea West saw me through my journey which at times was painful! She’s always made our class fun and enjoyable. Her support is amazing, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and makes you feel that you are in the company of a true friend. She’s a little star and at the moment she’s under the weather so speedy recovery Julie, hope you have a fab Christmas and see you soon!

Carol Gamble……..Amazeballs!!!!! Thank you so much!

Amber at Stratford on Avon, absolute star who has been there for me every step of the way.

Louise Platt in the Macclesfield branch is fabulous! She’s helped me no end and is an absolute diamond! I’ll never be able to thank her enough!

Marion Wilson is amazing – she has been part of my lighter life for the past 6 years. She is always very supportive and there to offer help and advice. She’s my rock and I love her to bits!

Christina Philips from West Bridgford in Nottingham. Christina is truly amazing! She’s a calm, nonjudgmental, thoughtful and lovely woman. She has a real star quality and the way she runs the therapy side of the group is amazing. I can’t praise her enough.

Helena Samuels is always ready to come in for me as I cant always make the fixed date or time. Crazy curly haired woman as she calls herself, love her to bits!

Sally Plum – she’s one of the hardest working counsellors I know. She’s extremely accommodating and always up for a challenge. She’s a positive influence in my life and has a great manner about her. I love her and would recommend her to any of my friends.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to thank our fabulous and talented counsellors for their hard work all year through and to wish them a very Merry Christmas. Bring on 2013 and more life-changing weight loss!

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I would like to add, I lost 6 stone with my counsellor Tracy Simpson in Milton Keynes 9 years ago for my wedding, and 9 years later I have kept off my weight and that has been down to her support, it hasn’t changed in 9 years, I think it’s incredible the level of support and commitment that Lighterlife counsellors give.

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