Weight loss tips: Five ways to style yourself slimmer

March 5, 2014 - Style

hannah eichler fashionWhile you’re on your weight-loss journey, dressing to flatter your figure might be on your mind, but how can you do that while keeping up with the latest styles? Fashion stylist and writer Hannah Eichler at ERA, helps us find the figure-flattering styles keep you in vogue.

1 kimono

Kimonos add a touch of romance to any outfit, and if your style is a bit bohemian it can work really well. Lightweight with gaping sleeves, fringing and tassels, they are barely there, yet demand attention. ‘Look for a style with floating capped sleeves to flatter the tops of your arms, and one which you can add a belt with to cinch you in at the waist,’ advises Hannah. ‘If you’re conscious of your thighs, opting for a kimono with tassels will provide some extra coverage, and give a cooling effect too’.

Grama rose print tasselled kimono, £11.99, Missguided


2 high rise skinnyDenim
Perfect for curvy ladies, the 2014 catwalks recommend high-rise jeans with a slim fit or soft leg flare, which is ideal for balancing out your figure. Hannah suggests a dark indigo wash to lengthen and flatter your frame. Jeans with an element of stretch will also give you a smooth silhouette and help suck you in, while they will also retain their shape longer. Levi’s Revel jeans (£90) have liquid technology to suck you in and give great lift on your bottom.
South high rise skinny jeans, £24-30,



3 vestry dressEmbroidery, sparkles and detail
Designer Mary Katrantzou is teaching us how to wear lace, buttons, beads and embroidery on vibrant colours, but is it too much for day-to-day? ‘All that glitters’ pairs perfectly with colour-block panelling, defining a curvy silhouette. Keep an eye out for dresses with adornment details that feature lighter panelling on the sides and black in the centre to form the figure. ‘The clever embroidery on this dress draws the eye in, and creates the illusion of an hourglass frame,’ explains Hannah. For something more striking, look for black and digital print panelling combinations.
Crochet lace panel dress in Navy, £58, The Vestry


4 toile topSea breeze linens
Linens have always been a staple as the weather warms up as they’re breathable, lightweight and reflective to the heat. This year, Valentino premiered linens covered in prints and patterns. For a comfortable and smart tailored look, we recommend cream linen trousers, with an off-white pinstripe. Watch out for a wide leg fit and wide weave. Team with a relaxed blue-tone T-shirt, or blue silk blouse for coastal chic. Hannah advises to ‘always tuck in tops to create focus on your slim middle’.
Toile de jour top, £35, Yumi


5 east accessoriesSignature accessories
Accessories can balance your figure and exude a savvy fashion personality. Choose a statement necklace that reflects light and draws an elegant line through the décolletage. ‘A long necklace is the two- second trick that will create a vertical line through your body and instantly lengthen your torso,’ explained Hannah.
Radha gold necklace, £55, East



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Photo credit: Hannah Eichler by Phill Taylor

2 thoughts on “Weight loss tips: Five ways to style yourself slimmer

Collette Lord

one thing that I am doing on a regular basis is trying on my skinniest trousers….. I work from home and it is easy to be relaxed in softer clothes….. but I swore to never rely on elasticated waists ever again. My blue skinniest jeans were a tad too tight last week – so I am doing something about it now before I can’t get into them at all !!


    Excellent tip and well done for keeping a watchful eye on things. SO easy to let a pound or two slide into 5 or 6 and before you know it 3/4 to a stone to lose, and so it goes (grows?!). I did that but have learned the hard way I much prefer feeling good about myself all the time than enjoying too many treats some of the time :-)

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