Wedding season fashion tips to flatter fuller figures

May 14, 2014 - Style

Georgina 4_3 edit.jpgFashion blogger Georgina Horne of shares her style advice to help you dress to impress at weddings this summer.

It’s that time of year again, and whilst for some attending weddings can be the highlight of their social life, for others it can be a little more daunting. In most people’s minds, weddings mean pretty dresses and smiling for multiple photos, but when you aren’t that confident in how you look or where to even find a dress, the idea of celebrating impending nuptials with loved ones can suddenly seem like a terrifying event.

I only discovered dresses that worked for me a few years ago, and from that point on I felt like I’d landed in Narnia – except my wardrobe is now full of tens of magical dresses rather than mythical creatures! My epiphany came after years of copying trends worn by those around me who looked nothing like me. It always ended in a loathsome walk out of the dressing room, weighed down by what seemed like a thousand useless dresses.

Since I’m busty, plus size, long bodied, fairly tall and very conscious of my upper arms and legs above the knees, you could say that it’s no wonder that I lived a dress-free life for so long. However, I soon discovered a simple formula that made dress shopping a piece of (wedding) cake – and I’m going to share it with you.

My style secrets

Georgina 2 edit.jpg1. Compliments
It’s often easier to think about the negatives than it is to really listen to and accept compliments, but by listening to these you can learn a lot. When people told me they admired my slimmish waist or impressive décolletage I paid attention to that and carried that advice with me.

When choosing my outfits, I always play to my strengths by adding belts to outfits I might once have walked past – this emphasises my waistline. I also experimented with lower necklines that were more flattering on a bust like mine and I soon learnt to show off those pieces that I had no idea existed! Remember, just because a particular look is in fashion, you don’t have to wear it. Listen to those compliments and use your clothes to emphasise those positive points of your body.

Georgina 1 edit.jpg2. Know your colours
For a lot of people, the default option is black but actually that might not be right for your skin tone. Personally, I love bright bold colours and patterns, and my favourite shades make me feel happy – and so when I wear them I feel happy! Think about what colours make you happy, and also what looks best against your colouring. If you’re happy, you’ll look better! It’s a no brainer really.
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georgina composite edit.jpg3. Confidence

It sounds so silly but it’s sometimes so hard to realise that being happy in yourself is the best outfit you can don. Don’t like your arms? Add a bolero and stop yourself worrying about them all day. Not keen on your knees? Wear a longer dress so you don’t spend the whole day tugging your hem down or hiding your legs with your handbag. You need to make an outfit your own by finding ways to make it work for you. Comfort is key, make yourself comfortable and you’ll feel more confident.

Georgina 4_1 edit.jpg4. Dress for your shape
Not every woman adheres to the ‘body shape rules’, but they can be a great starting point when it comes to finding an outfit. If you’re busty with a little bottom and smaller hips, then wearing a block colour on top and patterns or ruffles on the lower half can be a great way to feel more balanced.

Likewise, if you are bottom-heavy, you might want to accentuate your top half and go for something with a plainer lower half. If your waist is quite small, a belt or a sash can really draw attention to that, whereas if you’re more rounded but with longer legs you can rock those gorgeous pins whilst maybe wearing something a little looser around the stomach.
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Georgina 3 edit.jpg5. Swing it, baby!
I do find that one style that seems to suit so many women is a classic swing dress. You can add a belt, a bolero and a petticoat to really go to town, or just pick out certain elements and accessories to suit your style. Personally, they make me feel ultra feminine and they are great if you don’t want to feel too restricted.

So there you have it, my failsafe tips on how you can start to make great purchases to wear at forthcoming weddings. It needn’t be a scary task when you go shopping equipped with the right tools. It’s just about knowing what you’re looking for and going about it with a positive attitude and your strong points in mind. Do that, and you too can find your fashion Narnia!

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