Six of the best fashion blogs for plus sizes

July 15, 2014 - Style

Georgina 4_3 edit.jpgNot all fashion blogs are geared towards size zero. Carmen Chappell Elkin looks at some of the best blogs for women of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a generally accepted truth that the fashion industry is geared to slim, somewhat unrealistic body shapes. As you progress on your weight loss journey, you might find it a bit of a challenge to stay on trend. A changing body shape means your style could also change. If you’re seeking inspiration from more realistic sources than fashion magazines, check out these fabulous bloggers. These girls are all dedicated to scouring the shops for the best styles available in a wider range of sizes, and offer loads of tips on how to style outfits.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust 
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is a great blog to visit if you like lingerie and pretty evening dresses. Not only is she UK based, but Georgina’s blog is also really useful for finding product reviews. She provides very clear, detailed reviews of the products. She’s also been a guest blogger for LighterLife – check out her most recent post, fuller figure fashion tips for summer trips.

Nicolette Mason 
Nicolette is a New York based blogger, with a quirky but flawless style. All her photos are incredibly beautiful and she oozes confidence. Her blog is interesting because it isn’t limited to fashion: there are gift guides, travel articles and unusual posts packed with tips and advice. We love a varied blog, and Nicolette’s is up there with the best!

Catwalk to curvy 
Laura Puddy is a columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and a freelance stylist and fashion writer. Her blog offers hands-on, practical advice on how to wear the latest trends. She doesn’t shy away from adventurous colours and prints, which we love. Plus, all the stuff she features is available to buy on the high street right now – bonus!

Nadia Aboulhosn 
Nadia is a blogger and plus sized model. Her style is very smart and sleek, but she still knows how to have fun with a casual daywear look. Her blog is one of the most professional we’ve seen – the layout is easy to use and her photos are very stylistic. She’s the queen of stretch fabrics – which are great if you’re losing weight as they’ll expand or contract to any size.

Margie Plus 
Margie is based in the US and has a very on-trend, quirky style. Her outfits are always fun and colourful. She documents her unusual look book with some fabulous cityscapes as her backdrop, so we can satisfy our travel cravings while checking out her awesome style at the same time. Bonus!

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