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January 18, 2013 - Style

Do you have cracked and chapped lips? Pucker up and beat the winter blues with these luscious lip treats…

LighterLife Lip ServiceRead my lips
Looking for a picture-perfect pout for those glam winter parties? Temporary lip appliqués like Violent Lips Red Glitteratti (£5.99) or Lip Rock Lip Foil in Metallic Pink (£6.99) are a hassle-free way to make your lips stand out. These disco fabulous smackers last four to eight hours and work much like a temporary tattoo. When the party’s over, simply rub it off with baby oil and a textured wipe.

LighterLife Lip ServicePlump up the volume
Give your pout a boost with Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump  (£10). This super-sizing, extra-strength collagen lip shine offers an immediate lip- filling effect, helping to recreate that Angelina Jolie-style beestung pout on even the thinnest of lips. For a more subtle effect, try Benefit’s Lip Plump  (£14.50), which fills in fine lines while building up the contour of your lips, making them appear fuller and younger.

LighterLife Lip ServiceHydrate
Moisturising your lips is essential during the colder winter months
to avoid chapping and dryness. A moisturised lip will also hold colour better, making your lipstick last longer. Try this yummy Coca-Cola Lip Smacker (£3) or this Double Choc Lip Tint from Lush (£5.25). They will both keep your lips hydrated, and both smell and taste great!


LighterLife Lip ServicePucker up in Poppy

A classic red lip is always in style, which is why lipstick legend Poppy King (£10.95) has teamed up with Boots’ No7 to create a selection of gorgeous vintage- inspired shades. ‘I designed this red shade to represent the long love affair women have had with red lipstick,’ explains Poppy. ‘A lot of women are intimidated by red lip colour, so I suggest pairing with light eye make-up and layering on the lip colour to the depth of pigment that suits you.’

For a more modern take on a red lip, try Rimmel’s Kate Lasting Finish  (£5.49) in Shade 1, inspired by model Kate Moss’s edgy take on this classic look.


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