Fuller figure fashion tips for summer trips

May 23, 2014 - Style

Collectif by Joanna Krause 2Fashion blogger Georgina Horne of shares her style advice to help you dress for your holidays this summer.

If you’re heavier that you feel comfortable with right now, the idea of strutting your stuff on the beach can seem incredibly scary. You might envision stares, whispers, judgement and all sorts of other behaviour that will send you running for cover – quite literally. But there are ways you can achieve a happy medium, aside from remembering that everyone else is just as worried about how they look as you are. Here are the things I’ll be stocking up on this summer.

01 anti chafeQuality underwear
A good outfit starts from the inside out. Invest in some really good underwear and the rest of your outfit will fall into place. If you’re worried about chafing in the hot weather, you can add some shapewear or light cotton underwear to give you that extra level of comfort on your nights out. Trust me, you’ll enjoy yourself much more if you’re comfortable!


266x354tHigh-waisted bikini bottoms
Lots of shops and websites sell bikini bottoms that sit right under your bikini top, which means you don’t have to resort to wearing an ill-fitting one-piece swimming costume that might have been designed with different proportions to yours in mind. Another great thing about buying separates is that you can pair various pretty tops with your staple bikini bottoms.

Kimonos are bang on trend right now and a nice pretty floaty beach cover-up is the perfect look to rock as you make your way to the pool. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, a beach kimono can also be worn in the evening over your dresses as a stylish addition to your outfit.



04 sunglassesShades
It sounds simple, but wearing sunglasses can have a very positive psychological effect on less confident people. They can feel like a protective barrier between you and others, and give you a bit of a boost. They’re also flattering for a rounder face and complement your daytime look.



swingSkater or swing dresses
These are a plus-sized girl’s best friend in warmer weather because they’re both loose-fitting and figure skimming, flattering your curves in all the right places. Perfect for hitting the town on your holiday nights out.



maxi edit.jpgMidi and maxi dresses
Leg-conscious ladies should give midi or maxi dresses a go. I’m conscious of my legs above the knees and I find that wearing something just a little bit longer gives me that extra confidence. You could also team a skater dress with leggings for an evening out.



03 pink purple and blue floral jean beltWaist belts
In my opinion, a curvy girl’s best friend is a nice waist belt to show off your shape and avoid unnecessary bulk on an outfit. They’re not heavy and don’t take up too much space, so why not pack a few and then mix and match with various outfits for a fresh twist on different days? You’ve got to make the most of that tiny baggage allowance, after all!


Whatever your shape or size, holidays in the sun don’t have to be a scary prospect. It’s all about striking a balance between comfort and dressing for the weather.

If you enjoyed these tips, check out Georgina’s blog for more fashion inspiration.

Photo credit for Georgina’s main image: Collectif by Joanna Krause