Fashion: Savvy shopping tips for the January sales

December 17, 2013 - Style

wardrobeThere are loads of bargains to be had in the shops right now, but how do you decide what to buy? Check out our top tips for savvy sale shopping this year.

Make a list
Before stepping out of the front door, have a look through your wardrobe and think about what items you’re missing. Be as specific as you can – e.g. ‘I need a white button down shirt to go with those black trousers for work’.

Know your limit
Set your budget before you go and, if necessary, withdraw the cash so that you know you’re only going to spend what’s in your hand – and stop when the cash is gone!

You may not be able to find exactly the right item you’re looking for, but can it be customised to suit your needs? Could you take up those trousers a few inches, or add buttons to that plain top? If it’s on sale, it’s not a big risk if you want to jazz things up a bit.

Be patient
There’s a lot to go through so take your time and don’t make rushed purchases. Think about it carefully before buying and check the refunds policy before parting with your cash.

Take the day off
If you try to shop at the same time as everyone else, you’re less likely to have the time and space to consider your purchases properly. Why not take a day’s holiday and go on a day when everyone else is at work? That way, you won’t be crushed in the crowds trying to get a bargain!