Avoiding the Love Stone – How to Maintain Weight Loss in a New Relationship

February 14, 2012 - Sex & Relationships

We at LighterLife have coined the term the ‘Love Stone’ to describe the weight a woman puts on when they settle down with a long-term partner. We surveyed 1,000 of you, and 56% of you told us that you started to gain weight within four to six months of a new relationship; with most people blaming the fact that this was when they reached the ‘comfy’ period.

As a result, we used our LighterLife Twitter and Facebook to ask LighterLifers how to maintain weight loss and they came up with the following four tips…

1. Keep active with your partner

Responses indicated how important it is to stay active with your partner, be it going for long walks in the countryside, or watching them take part in their favourite sport on the weekend. One LighterLifer joked about burning calories whilst freezing to death on the sideline of a rugby pitch, watching her husband play.

2. Eat together

Forcing your partner to only eat when you eat, or simply refusing to cook for them seemed popular with women trying to maintain weight loss: ‘I only let my boyfriend eat what I eat. Then when we both have a low carb treat, we both feel spoilt.’

3. Choose the light menu

Arguably, going out to dinner is a trial for women trying to maintain weight loss, however LighterLifers avoid takeaways and instead opt for lighter menu choices in restaurants.

4. Last but definitely not least: Passion

One ecstatic LighterLifer commented that her partner cannot keep his eyes or hands off her after she lost weight. ‘This is a good enough incentive to keep the weight off.’

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carol Brett

Hello Both my husband and myself could really do with some help to lose weight. we are both in our 50s. and wonder if the lighter life diet would be good for us. how do we go about finding our more and who cna help us in our area. PH11 8QB.


    Hi there, please follow this link to contact your nearest weight management counsellor: – we hope this helps :)

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