Looking After Your Assets: The Bra Basics

November 17, 2015 - Lifestyle, Style
Looking After Your Assets: The Bra Basics

amplebosom_smallLooking good isn’t just about what you put IN your body but what you put ON your body, which it’s important to get the foundations right – a good fitting bra. But did you know that many women don’t actually know the bra basics? LighterLife Perks partner share three simple steps to get the very best out of your bras and make them last a little longer too.

HOW TO OUT A BRA ON – it might seem obvious but so many women are doing it wrong. To be perky perfect – place your arms through the straps and adjusting them so that they sit on your shoulders, bend slightly forward to let your breasts fall into the cups, push on the side of your boobs and be sure to give that all-important wiggle. This makes sure everything is in place. Do this and you’ll be surprised how much more uplift and shape this will give your breasts.

SELECT THE RIGHT FASTENING – most women don’t know that it’s important to use the last fastener first on the back of a new bra then every three months select a tighter fastener to achieve the same perfect fit as the elastic stretches with wear. Getting the right fit on your under-band is crucial as this offers 80% of your bras support.

DECLUTTER YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER – de-cluttering your life is a LighterLife mantra and your underwear drawer is no exception to this rule. Statistics say that we keep hold of our bras for around four years because we prefer the design rather than the fit but really we should be refreshing our lingerie collection every 12 months. Handwashing or use a laundry bag in the washing machine can help extend the life of your bra.

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