LighterLife – Your Leap Year Hopes…

February 29, 2012 - Living

LighterLife clients are taking the leap literally this leap year! We asked our Facebook community to finish this sentence “I’ve taken the leap to…” and this is what you said!

I’ve taken the leap to…

“…take control of my life and thanks to lighter life I have. I can’t thank enough the programme, my LighterLife Counsellor and the support from everyone.” Darren

“…go back to class. It’s never too late to start again!” Amanda

“…be where I am today! A year on and I’m nearly 15 stone lighter :) smiles all round and nearly at the end of my journey. Thanks to my counsellor friends and family!” Natalie

“…realise that it was my weight that was making me miserable, which made me eat, which made me miserable…and round it goes in a never ending viscous circle.
I’m amazed by the results and just wish I’d had the courage to do something like this sooner. Thank you LighterLife!” Fiona

“…I’ve taken the leap and now im 4 1/2 stone lighter and maintaining for 2 months. So far and my life is unrecognisable. Im full of confidence, i look really good and have so much more energy that i now realise what i was missing out on by being fat!” Ronnie

“…start a new career in the fitness industry! My zumbatomic classes start in march!” Diane

“…try to become a mum, by losing weight through Lighterlife :)” Jenice

“…I’ve taken the leap and now there’s no risk of me flattening anyone I land on!” Mary

We wish our LighterLifers every success with their individual leaps. Does anyone else have a leap they would like to share with us? Don’t forget: To those who are determined, it remains only to act.

For more information on healthy weight loss please visit the LighterLife Facebook page or read more about LighterLife on the LighterLife website.