Something to make our LighterLifers Appy’

November 9, 2012 - Living

At LighterLife we acknowledge the ever-growing digital world so to make your life that little bit easier, we have picked a handful of useful smartphone apps to help you live a lighter life.

Via the built-in GPS in your mobile device, iMapMY will record any chosen activity stats, including duration, speed, distance, calories burned and route travelled. You can also download your fitness data to the website – A great tool to keep you motivated and it’s free!

Around Me
This app identifies areas of local interest, discreetly on your phone. From theatres, to restaurants and local amenities – it will have you confidentially locating hot spots and sipping on a coffee within minutes of any destination arrival. This is also free!

Living Earth HD: iPhone/iPad
This world clock, weather and alarm is beautiful and very simple, providing a live satellite view of the globe, as well as the temperature (predicted high and low), sunrise and sunset, and extended forecast for cities around the world. It even displays the cloud patterns and seasonal changes, such as snow coverage. Costs £0.69.

Sleep Cycle Alarm
This innovative sleep app turns your phone into a bio-alarm clock. Pop it under your pillow and it will trace and analyse your sleep patterns, including when you’re awake, dreaming or in a deep sleep, with the aim of waking you up at the most suitable time in your sleep cycle, leaving you refreshed for the day ahead. Costs £0.69.

We are fantastic at multi-tasking, but to help with the juggling, this handy app puts our to-do lists in one space. Evernote will allow you to categorise your lists and notes, capture photos and record voice reminders. It’s also shareable, and will synchronise across all your devices. This is a free app!

Money Smart
Understand all your little daily expenses and not-so-little monthly outgoings in a visual way with Money Smart, which provides statistics and graphics to display your cash flow. Costs from £0.69.

Tunein Radio
Install this app and plug your device into a set of speakers and you’ll have access to over 50,000 digital radio stations. It also has AirPlay support and you can use it as an alarm cock – also free!

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