More LighterLife Top Tips on Maintaining Weight Loss

February 16, 2012 - Living

Some LighterLife clients worry about how to maintain once they reach their target weight, so we asked our LighterLife Facebook and Twitter followers to provide some tips and inspiration on how to stay slim and healthy:

Daniel Smedley: I finished LighterLife just under a year ago. I stayed on the programme for 4 months. Once I started cooking my own food again I did put some weight on, but I have managed to stabilise now and am maintaining my weight effectively. I’m now managing my weight and food intake with a healthy exercise plan. This has given me my life back. I’m now back in the 1st team at the hockey club & have a bike, with plans to go for summer bike rides with my kids, something I wouldn’t have done this time last year! Thanks LighterLife.

Sarah Ball: I’m in my fourth month of management and I’m still under my target weight. I’m finding it easy to stay at a healthy weight and I have enjoyed buying clothes in the sales this year. I hated being overweight. I’m enjoying so many different foods now. I go to weigh in every 3 weeks as I want to stay healthy. The Counselling we have in group meetings has worked wonders and I have learnt so much. Without that help I’m sure I would be struggling. Thank you LighterLife.

Kay Hague: It’s been a year from starting on Phase One Management and I am maintaining my weight loss well. However, I would still like to lose a tiny bit more so I can get back to my lightest weight but these days I feel that I know what I need to do to get there. Thanks LL.

John Wharmby: I ended my LL journey in Nov 2008 and have kept all the weight off. I can definitely say my life was changed, physically as well as mentally. Best thing ever!

Helene Ansell: I’ve been maintaining since early December! Christmas was tough but I stayed on track to reach my goal weight and I have remained on target since. It’s not easy, especially when I hit the old eating trigger points, but I have remained focused and with my LighterLife Counsellor’s continued support I’ve got through those moments. My daughter (who is close to reaching Phase One Management) and I support one another, which has also been invaluable. I am not going back to my old weight for all the tea in china. I love my new size and am sooooo much happier, healthier and back to the real me! Thank you LighterLife.

And for even more advice and tips on maintaining weight loss take a look at our previous Tips on Maintaining weight loss blog, or chat with our Management clients on Facebook or Twitter.