Maintain Weight Loss with LighterLife

February 10, 2012 - Living

How many of you are worried that you won’t be able to maintain your weight loss after lightening up? Fearful you’ll slip back to your old habits? Well we’ve spoken to some of our alumni on LighterLife Facebook. Why not have a look at what some of them have to say?

John Rushforth: I’ve managed to maintain weight loss for more than 18 months now. My weight is quite stable and life is very different these days. For me, exercise has been the key. I have turned into a runner and 2012 is to be my “Marathon Year”  I’ve entered the Loch Ness Marathon! LighterLife has changed my life completely and is, besides getting married, perhaps the best thing I have ever done :)

Emily Clarke: I did LighterLife Lite about two years ago and lost three stone in three months. I am still the same weight now – two years on. I am also travelling, and am therefore eating what I can, when I can. As long as you’re careful it’s easy to maintain. For me, the hardest thing was getting used to eating and preparing food again after LighterLife, but I know that if I am careful and make informed choices then I will be fine. Good luck guys – best thing I did!

Alisa Nery:  I have been maintaining (with a few blips along the way) since 2007. I couldn’t afford Phase One Management back then but I went back after 3 years after having put on a bit of weight. I used LighterLife to get back on track and this time I completed the weight loss management programme. Now I just pop in for a few packs and a chat every now and again. It’s not easy but it’s a new way of thinking and knowing your body. It’s well worth it!

Nicola Dunbar: I’ve been maintaining since July 2009 – no packs for me, just a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise :)

Carly Ellis: I’ve been maintaining my weight for nearly eight months – it’s all about exercise and good food planning!

Debbie Gililand: I have been maintaining since March 2010. The temptation to slip up is always there but with all the management modules I have kept the weight off!

Chantal Anstey: I’m currently doing the last week of the management prorgramme and I’m still losing weight. I’m pretty confident that I will be able to maintain weight loss once I finish with the packs. I look forward to a slim-rest-of-my-life and I enjoy the new way of thinking. I’m finding it a little hard to realize that I can eat quite a lot and not put on weight, but with the help of my Counsellor I know I can do it. I am aiming to pop in once or twice a month to keep on track!

Rachel Gupta: I’ve been maintaining since August (or June if you include Phase One Management). I couldn’t do it without regular pop-ins with my LighterLife Counsellor. l’m still learning every day but more importantly I am still wearing the same clothes I was when I hit my target!

Toni Frost: I completed LighterLife Total in September last year, followed by Phase One Management. I continued to lose weight whilst on the weight loss Management Programme and I continue to have a stable weight today. Having lost the weight, my life has changed dramatically. I cycle, run and use the cross trainer. I eat wisely and sometimes not so wisely, but it’s all about understanding your own body, feeling when a cut back is needed and doing just that. Good luck to all…

For more advice and a chance to chat with our Management clients why not visit us on our LighterLife Facebook or Twitter? We’d love to have you as part of the community!