Maintain a Lighter Life: Rewards without food

March 16, 2012 - Living

Let go of the old ‘food’ rewards and treat yourself to something different…

High Fliers – Your ticket to the skies

Celebrate the new lighter you with a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride. Virgin offer unforgettable champagne balloon experiences across more than 100 locations in Britain. Will it be busy towns, rolling hills, magical forests or even your home that you spy from above? You choose, and celebrate your LighterLife weight-loss success in style.

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Get Creative – Design your dream pair of shoes

Many people who have struggled with their weight in the past will have found buying shoes a chore – overly high heels and narrow styles being the biggest bugbears! So imagine having the opportunity to design your own bespoke pair of shoes. Shoes of Prey give you the chance to do just that. You’ll work with a team of highly skilled artisans dedicated to crafting shoes, and can choose the shape, colour, material and heel size you desire.

Find out more at you can also find fashion ideas in the latest copy of the LighterLife magazine.

Latest Gadgets – A new tech toy

Step into the future with the latest technology on the market. The iPad 2 is the latest gadget from Apple, although the iPad 3 will be available to order on March 16, making browsing the internet much more convenient. Its lightweight design makes it perfect to fit in your bag and use on the go. With thousands of apps available for download at the touch of a button, including the LighterLife app, the world is your oyster.

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Do Something Amazing – Holiday courses around the globe

Let your imagination run wild with GoLearnTo, which offers a range of experiences such as painting in France and photography in Italy. Their 14-day ‘Boots n All Jackaroo Jillaroo Holiday Experience’ lets you step into the saddle of a real life cowboy/cowgirl, on a fully working sheep and cattle farm in New South Wales, Australia. On this action-packed experience, you’ll be welcomed as one of the family with country-cooked meals, a cosy bed and the experience of sleeping under the stars.

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Capture The Moment – Luxurious photo shoot and personalised album

When you reach your LighterLife weight-loss goal, why not treat yourself to a glamorous makeover and photo shoot? With a range of different experiences on offer, offers fantastic makeovers and photographic experiences across the UK with some of the most acclaimed photographers and stylists. Then, let your glamorous day live on with a personalised book with all your photographs from Here you can upload all your images and create your own photo album, which you can keep forever.

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