Weight loss success story: ‘I lost weight with LighterLife and saved money!’

April 12, 2013 - Living

Darren600x812Darren Checkley, from Ireland, lost 8st with LighterLife and was our magazine cover star back in 2012. Here, he reveals how he saved money while on the programme…

1. How does your life compare now than to before LighterLife?
Before LighterLife I had no confidence in myself and ate to feel better. After work, I’d go to the chip shop and buy fish and chips, four battered sausages and three battered burgers. The bigger my appetite grew the more money I spent each week on food. LighterLife helped me confront the reasons why I used to overeat. I realised that food was always the first thing that popped into my head, no matter what I was feeling – if I was happy or sad. I ate to feed my emotions, not because I was hungry. Now I’ve lost weight and tackled my issues with food it’s like I’m a new man. I’m much healthier, fitter and full of confidence.

2. What was in your weekly shopping trolley before LighterLife?
My shopping trolley was fully of ready meals, pizzas, chips, potato wedges, cheese, chocolate, crisps and ice cream… It was all full-fat foods with no fruit or veg.

3. How much would you spend on food before LighterLife?
Some days, I’d go to McDonald’s and order a double quarter pounder with fries, a large Coke and 20 chicken nuggets. I’d then pick up more food on my way home, including crisps and chocolate. Before I knew it, I’d have spent a lot of money on food in just one day. Looking back, I don’t know how I could afford to live as I was spending over €200 a week on food shopping and takeaways.

4. Why do you think LighterLife is good value for money?
LighterLife is a great way of changing the way you think about food. So not only do the results work, the LighterLife journey teaches you how to live your life after you’ve lost weight. So for me, the value for money with LighterLife is priceless.

5. Did you spend less money while on the programme, and if so how?
The only cost for me was my clothes bill! I was so delighted with my new size that I couldn’t stop spending. I went form a 64in waist to a 34in waist, so it was lovely to treat myself to some new clothes.

6. How much a week would you say you saved while on LighterLife?
I was without a doubt saving €120 a week on food shopping alone. Even now when I’m no longer on LighterLife Foodpacks I still save lots of money and I don’t binge on junk food.

Darren’s management motivations

Better choices. I still love to eat, but eating healthily makes me feel better about myself. I still use some of the tasks from my LighterLife group to ensure I make the right food choices.

Shopping. I can now spend my money on lovely designer clothes and look and feel good in them. That’s a huge inspiration for me to keep the weight off.

My daughter. Kayla loves her new slim daddy. Being able to take her swimming and to theme parks helps me stay focused on my future and maintaining my weight.