LighterLife Celebrates Father’s Day

June 20, 2012 - Living

We asked our LighterLife online community to share with us their inspiring stories about their fathers this Father’s Day.

You have shared these special bonds with us, and we are inspired by the heart warming sentiment you have posted.

Thank you for giving us a little glimpse in to the amazing relationships you have with the men in your life…

My Dad taught me to be happy…
“….My Dad passed away four years ago.  He was always trying to make people laugh.  He taught me that humour crosses most boundaries and ages.  Smiling makes you happy.

When social services were assessing his needs (he had Alzheimer’s) the social worker asked him, “Which town were you born in?”  His reply was, “I can’t remember – I was very young at the time.”  He told us that he loved us all of the time.” Elaine

My Dad is my hero and an inspiration…
“…At 36 years old, I feel closer to my Dad than ever.  He is my hero, the wind beneath my wings and always there to make me a brew and tell me how great I am doing and how proud he is of me.  He is my inspiration to be the best parent I can be.” Natasha

My husband helped me lose weight…
“…My husband has been a massive support to me! He hasn’t eaten anything ‘nice’ in front of me and he has given up carbs and alcohol!!  He has subsequently lost 2 stone in the process.  I could not have done it without him!  And he is an amazing Dad too…..What a lucky lady I am!” Deborah

My husband is really supportive…
“…My husband also joined me on LL initially to support me.  He lost 5 stone in nearly 4 months and has carried on supporting me until I reached my goal – a couple of months later losing 5 and a half stone.  He has been a real rock.  Now we are maintaining together.  We are enjoying a new lease of life together thanks to LighterLife.” Debbie

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