Guest blog with LighterLifer Caroline Buchanan

February 8, 2013 - Living

LighterLife: caroline buchananLast September, my marriage came to a halt, resurfacing my childhood abandonment issues and leaving me in a very bad place. Shortly afterwards, my health deteriorated and I suffered from osteo-arthritis and slipped-discs, which require me to undergo several operations.

In light of this, I have decided to turn this nightmare scenario into a positive one. Thankfully, there are some areas where I have a measure of control and one of them is to reach my ideal goal weight. Osteo-arthritis runs in my family as does the propensity to put on weight, at least for the female members, which really doesn’t help the joints.

I am a great fan of LighterLife and have enjoyed success with it in the past. I have tried thousands of diets over the years and loads of slimming organisations but without doubt LighterLife is my favourite.  For me it’s the mixture of empathy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as the counsellors and the groups that make it so effective. I am a great fan of their magazine too. With willingness and enthusiasm I am going back on LighterLife Lite and I’m going to stay there until I reach my weight goal and a fabulous BMI!

I’m also going to be following my own advice in my book, ‘The 15-Minute Rule – how to stop procrastinating and take control of your life.’ There’s a whole chapter in there called ‘Weighty Matters’, devoted to the mission of getting rid of those unwanted pounds. You can buy my book through Amazon or go onto my website, and click on The 15-Minute Rule. I’m pleased to report that people are loving it!

There’s also a number of other helpful chapters, including one on the importance of willingness and enthusiasm and how to get these two gems back if you have temporarily lost sight of them!

One of my mantras is ‘choose your thoughts wisely’ because I so believe in CBT – as in how we think is how we feel. When I’ve been feeling down in the dumps with emotional and physical pain, I realise I’ve been thinking depressing thoughts. The moment I choose to think positively I start to feel so much better!

There are many ways I’m going to be using my 15 minute Rule to help me lose weight and to think more optimistically, and I encourage anyone reading this to try the same. It works, believe me.

And remember too that we all have an Ace up our sleeve…an acronym I’ve invented for Attitude Changes Everything. Think Can and not Can’t and we really can achieve our goals!

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