LighterLife talks ‘Forgotten Calories’

April 10, 2012 - Living

Lighter Life Dried MangoLeading a lighter life these days isn’t easy. We all lead such busy lifestyles that it can be hard to be aware of how many calories we’re consuming each day.

Reports at the end of last year suggested that Britons are not taking the time to enjoy their lunch, with a huge 58% taking a reduced lunch break or skipping one altogether.

Neglecting meal times can contribute to weight gain, instead of enjoying a relaxing, healthy lunch you may find yourself slipping into the bad habit of consuming chocolate in front of your computer screen instead.

Here at LighterLife we have looked into some of the worst culprits available when it comes to easily available, calorific snacks – be warned, some of the calorie amounts may shock you:

Altogether, the above choices add up to a very unhealthy 821 calories. Instead of nibbling on these fatty treats you could substitute them with something healthier and just as tasty, such as:

If you’d like some more healthy food inspiration, or even if you’ve got your own healthy snack ideas to share, why not talk to other LighterLife community members on our LighterLife Facebook page or our LighterLife client forum, Talking LighterLife.

Recipes can also be found in the LighterLife magazine.