Holiday advice: ‘Can I take my Foodpacks abroad?’

May 14, 2013 - Living

Planning a trip away this summer? Our expert panel answers your holiday dilemmas… holiday600x812

I’d like to buy a bathing suit for my holiday but something is holding me back. Even though I’ve lost weight, I still feel ashamed of my size. The thought of people’s eyes on me scares me. Bev, 40, Lincoln

Congratulations on letting go of all that weight. Many people who have been overweight share this sense of shame long after they lose the weight. You are not alone here. Adjusting to your new shape can take time, and it can be helpful to check out your assumptions and beliefs about yourself and others.

You mention you think everyone will have their eyes on you. Try doing a few experiments. Walking into a restaurant, going shopping or visiting a gym can be a good place to start with this.

Is everyone looking at you or do a few glance at you, some ignore you and maybe even one or two stare? Notice what you are making this mean.

Taking a friend with you who can notice other people’s reactions can be helpful to balance your own assessment. The key is changing your mindset so that other people’s reactions towards you don’t worry you as much. Be proud of you and your body – you have worked so hard for it!
Mandy Cassidy, LighterLife’s psychology expert.

I’m going to France in August with my husband and two other couples who are close friends. I’ve only just started LighterLife and I’m worried what the others will think when we go out for dinner and I’m eating a LighterLife bar and just drinking a glass of water. I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable and I don’t want them to judge me but, equally, I don’t want to ruin all my hard work. Help! Nadine, 33, London

This can be a challenge ­as so often mealtimes are the focus of shared relaxation and enjoyment when on holiday. Before you go, explain that LighterLife is a weight-loss programme that you will be doing while you’re away together and what your goals are.

Give them some ideas about how they can support you during the holiday. Talk about how you will feel and look next year on holiday, and just how exciting that is for you. It’s really important you play your part, join in the fun at mealtimes and don’t make a big deal of being on Foodpacks. Remember, the real fun is being together, not the food.

Many LighterLife clients have found they can go on holiday and have as much fun as usual, if not even more, because they don’t have hangovers or carry home extra unwanted baggage! Most of all, enjoy yourself because when your friends see this and realise it doesn’t bother you, they’ll forget you are on Foodpacks.
Mandy Cassidy, LighterLife’s psychology expert.

I’m going to Florida this year on holiday. Am I allowed to take my Foodpacks on the flight as hand luggage? Kath, 54, Southport

You should be able to carry Foodpacks in hand luggage – but do ensure you pack only unopened, undamaged packets. To be on the safe side, check with the airport you’re flying out from. Individual airlines may also operate different policies on hand luggage, so if you’re still unsure you should call and check with them.

For US trips, we wouldn’t recommend taking Mousse Mix, as current import regulations don’t permit entry – although we’ve not heard of any recent problems with any of our Foodpacks (shakes, meals, bars and soups).

Border-entry controls in some countries may require information regarding the use and content of Foodpacks, so we’ve produced a letter about them which you can present if requested, along with a list of ingredients. Contact your LighterLife Centre for more information.

Since countries outside the EU have widely differing regulation on food imports, it’s always a good idea to check ahead of time. One of the best sources of information is the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s travel advice section,, where you can search for advice and links by country, or you could contact the embassy of the country you’re visiting directly .
Susannah Haynes, nutritionist for LighterLife

Can I freeze my LighterLife shakes to create ice pops for summer? Or does this take away the nutrients? Glynis, 52, Bridgend

You shouldn’t freeze your LighterLife shakes – freezing may compromise some of the nutrients they contain, which may reduce the quality of your daily nutrition. Alternatively, crush 12 ice cubes in a food processor, add a sweet Foodpack and a couple of tablespoons of cold water. Blend for five minutes to make an icy shake.

Remember to consume your mixed Foodpacks within 15 minutes – after that, their water-soluble vitamins may start to deteriorate. You’ll find lots of ideas for different ways to mix your Foodpacks in your Journey book.
Susannah Haynes, nutritionist for LighterLife

I’m going to Goa this year and my doctor has advised me to take anti-malarial tablets as well as Clarityn Allergy Tablets for allergies. Am I okay to take these tablets on LighterLife Total? Sam, 28, Exeter

You should see your doctor considerably ahead of your departure, as you will need certain vaccinations and a prescription for malaria tablets. The good news is that none of these preventative measures should interfere with your LighterLife Total programme. Some of the anti-malarials can cause nausea as a side effect, but there is no reason why being on a very-low-calorie diet should make this any worse.

The important thing to do is to keep hydrated at all times and to drink sufficient fluids, not just to satisfy your thirst, but to prevent even moderate dehydration. This is especially true in a warmer climate. Also, to set your mind at ease, no medicines that you take in an emergency first aid kit will interfere with your LighterLife Total programme or vice versa. Antihistamines like Clarityn are fine, as are anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen and painkillers like Paracetamol. So my advice is carry on with your LighterLife programme and thoroughly enjoy your holiday in Goa.
Dr Hilary Jones, GP and media medic frequently featured on television.

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