A year in weight loss: Five things we learned in 2013

December 17, 2013 - Living

Inew yeart’s been a memorable year, but what are the parts that stuck with you? Here’s what we learned about life, love and weight loss this year…

Loads of us are secret eaters
In a survey conducted by LighterLife this year, we discovered that nearly one in two of you admitted to eating in secret – the majority said they do it at home when no one else is around.

Rumpy pumpy stops you looking lumpy
Active sex can burn at least 85kcal per 30 minutes! Much more fun than going to the gym. Read our top tips for improving your sexual confidence.

It’s good to bin your bra
Thanks to Lorraine Kelly’s campaign this year, we found out that 75% of women have bras in their drawer that they haven’t worn in over a year! So, we duly went and binned the old crusty ones and raised loads of cash for Breast Cancer Awareness. Well done us!

Christmas really DOES make you fatter
The average person puts on 5 – 10lb between November and January – you’ll have consumed around 6,000 calories on Christmas day alone! If you’ve carried a bit of last year with you and want to lose it this year, check out the LighterLife website for a host of weight loss plans to help you out.

You save more if you have a goal
If your New Year’s resolution is to save money then listen up – according to the Money Advice Service, those who have a savings goal save on average £550 a year more than those who don’t. Time to get the calculator out…

Did you learn anything new this year? Share your pearls of wisdom below!