LighterLife technology: 5 of the best apps

October 15, 2013 - Lifestyle, Living

bestapps600x812With the rising popularity of smartphones, we give you our pick of some of the best new apps for mind and body…

1. Fitocracy
An app that provides a reward system for anyone struggling with motivation. The aim is to get to the highest level possible by logging the exercises you’ve done, whether it’s weightlifting or rumba dancing and earning points that get you past the level threshold. You can also post Facebook-style updates.
Free, available on iOS or Android

2. Get Some Head Space
Channel some calm with this app, which offers free 10 minute meditation and mindfulness exercises. Perfect for when you need a time out on a busy day!
Free, available on iOS or Android

3. Eat, Chew, Rest
Some may disapprove of having phones at the dinner table, but this handy app from the US, encourages you to think about how you eat and practise mindful eating. Particularly useful for LighterLife Management clients who are reintroducing food.
Free, available on iOS

4. Success Happens
If you’re on your LighterLife journey and feel you need a motivational boost to help keep you on track, then this handy app could be the answer. Filled with uplifting and inspiring quotes from people from all walks of life, you can even tailor it to suit your mood.
69p, available on iOS

5. iMuscle
If you want to firm up certain parts of your body, then this app is for you! Whether it’s a tighter tummy or bigger shoulders, iMuscle will help you work certain areas by showing you a 3D representation of the human body with the musculature exposed, and over 450 3D animations of the exercises that work that certain area. £1.99, available on iOS