LighterLife book club: Diary of an unsmug married

May 1, 2014 - Lifestyle

DOAUMBridget Jones coined the phrase ‘smug married’ to describe people happily ensconced in matrimonial bliss, but what’s it really like once you’ve been down the aisle? This book looks at what happens to love when life gets in the way, through the eyes of Molly Bennett – mum to two warring teenagers, wife to Max and part-time worrier.

It’s easy to assume that life will be a bed of roses after the ‘happily ever after’ – but life goes on! So what did our LighterLife fan make of this novel – aimed not at the chick-lit generation, but us fully grown chickens out there?

chloe mcconnell polaroid.pngReview by Chloe McConnell, Lancashire
Diary of an Unsmug Married describes itself as “the story of real relationships”, and there’s certainly plenty of harsh reality thrown into the mix! Molly Bennett has just made it to her dreaded 40th birthday and everyone seems to be having more fun than she is. Her Dad’s searching for a wife in Thailand, her neighbour has a string of partners, beating all records, and she thinks her husband might be having an affair. When she gets back in touch with an old school friend on Facebook she finds herself wondering how far is too far, whilst at the same time trying to save her job and her marriage.

This book is written in the form of a diary (and is actually based on a blog), which makes for a slightly different perspective than is offered by other similar books. You learn a lot more about the ins and outs of Molly’s life and relationships. The diary format means you can either dip in and out of it, reading only a couple of pages at a time, or, in my case, justify reading about ‘just one more’ day! In my opinion, for a woman so upset about her husband possibly cheating on her, she’s definitely pushing the boundaries regarding what is morally right on her side! All in all it’s an easy read, though, and thoroughly enjoyable.