Get Christmas Confident For The Camera

November 12, 2015 - Lifestyle

for-your-eye_smalllChristmas is a time for making memories so don’t shy from the camera when it comes to capturing those special moments with loved ones, family and friends. LighterLife Perks partner For Your Eyes Only Portraits® shares three tips to help you to feel snap happy confident this Christmas.


RELAX IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA – this may seem simple but relaxing in front of the camera will make a huge difference to your photos. Try not to overthink your facial expressions or worry about your body. A happy smile works best to charm the camera. Feeling nervous? Take a big deep breath, let it all out!


POSTURE IS KEY – so remember these the points:

  1. Make sure the camera is higher than your eye line, that way you look up to the camera, which is very flattering for your jawline
  2. Avoid standing square on to the camera. Stand at a slight angle to the camera
  3. For a beautiful feminine shape, stand with the knee nearest to the camera bent, and place one hand on your hip. This is particularly good for the full-length shots


PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR – it might feel strange but all the top models do it. Check out your poses in the mirror and see how it looks best. One angle can be super flattering compared to another so see what feels natural to you and nail that pose!


For the ultimate in camera confidence book yourself in for a session at For Your Eyes Only Portraits®, the UK’s leading portrait studio for Women where your body becomes a work of art. You’ll get bags of ideas for posing, as well as creating a stunning personal gift!


During their boudoir shoots, you’ll be directed into poses that will show you how amazing your body can look. Your very own female FYEO® photographer will light your body with cellulite busting, slimming and curve creating lights and use shadows and light to emphasise the best shapes from your body. The end of the shoot will reveal a gorgeous collection of flattering studio portraits that ooze confidence.


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