Simple Tricks to Create a Youthful Glow

April 24, 2012 - Beauty

Hair and make-up artist Roxanne New has over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, here she reveals to LighterLife some of her simple beauty tricks to roll back the years, surgery-free:

Start with skincare
Use a gentle, desensitizing cleanser to reduce redness and balance the natural oils in your skin. Dermalogica’s New Reformulated UltraCalming Cleanser will distress your skin.


Plump it up
Plump skin adds youth and radiance. Serums should go under your moisturizer – each morning. Estee Lauder’sperfectionist targeted Wrinkle Lifting Serum is one of my best-kept secrets. It really does plump and nourish your skin.

Sun-kissed skin
I’ve never understood why women put their faces in the sun on holiday when the tan only lasts a few weeks and the sun damage last for years! I recommend fake tan, best applied to freshly cleansed skin before bed, St Tropez Every Day Face with anti-ageing ingredients is available in Boots.

Create a base
We all want even–toned ski without resorting to thick, heavy foundation. Gel-based foundations are light and flexible. I use Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation. If you’ve prepped your skin beforehand it should go on evenly and smoothly, with no need to powder.

Eye prep
For a natural finish to eyes, Laura Mercier Eye Basics, will camouflage any redness or imperfections, evening out skin tone and priming for any eye make-up.

Lustrous lashes
False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular these days and can be applied by a professional salon, or suite easily by you. For natural looking lashes, I recommend M.A.C 31 Lash from Debenhams.

Brow definition
A strong brow can be as good as a mini-face lift. Tinting your brows can give a natural look for several weeks without the need for makeup and is great for holidays. Eyelure Dylash in three shades is available at

It’s good to blush
Cabo Coral from Bobbi Brown Rouge Pots for Cheeks and Lips, over a sunkissed skin is really flattering. To apply: smile at your reflection and use your middle finger for a gentle application to the apple of your cheeks. Work diagonally towards your hairline. Build up colour slowly and blend.

Unlock your lips
Ever wondered why your lips appear a bit shrivelled and cracked? According to chinese face mapping, you’re dehydrated. Drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is a great way to start your beauty regime. Add extra plumpness with Lucas Paw Paw Ointment.

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