Why you won’t be hungry on LighterLife

October 17, 2014 - Health & Nutrition, Psychology

482073659LLAs LighterLife’s Head of Nutrition and Research, I’m always asked if you’ll be hungry on our VLCD. So, I’m here to share my expertise and fill you in on the real facts behind LighterLife…

Our bodies are amazing
Everyone assumes that once you start the LighterLife programme you’ll be really hungry as you’re reducing your intake in order to lose weight. But our bodies do an amazing thing, they realize that you’re not providing the body with food the way you usually do, so it starts using your stored fat for energy and this process simply stops you being hungry.

Think about the bigger picture
By letting LighterLife take care of what you’re eating, you can really get stuck into learning about your eating habits and the psychology behind your actions. You can’t change your routine until you know what the real problem is, our group sessions will help you re-educate your body and brain about how and why you’ll be eating in the future.

Don’t let the initial worry of being hungry stop you from transforming your life and getting into shape because now you know you won’t even feel hungry; it’s all in your mind.

Author: Dr Kelly Johnston