What is the LighterLife Diet?

September 18, 2014 - Health & Nutrition, Weight loss tips


The secret to life-changing weight loss is to understand how your mind works. That’s why LighterLife is so much more than a plan for weight loss – it also provides a great opportunity to explore why you overeat in the first place. Our members have all been on inspirational journeys and learnt how to change their lives, for good.

How does LighterLife work?
LighterLife was created by a group of people who’d battled obesity over the years and felt existing diets were woefully inadequate. They wanted to create a unique programme that would not only help people lose weight but understand, challenge and listen to them so they could change long-term.

What sets LighterLife apart?
LighterLife is unique because of its psychological group work. It focuses on how and why you overeat, so you can change. The programme combines a very-low-calorie diet consisting of nutritionally complete, meal-replacement Foodpacks with weekly 90-minute groups, in which people can totally re-evaluate their choices.

Why use Foodpacks?
Foodpacks allow us the opportunity to step back from conventional food and see what we’ve been doing to ourselves – how we’ve been using food, and maybe even alcohol, as a mechanism to cope with life. They’re the closest we can get to abstinence, physically and emotionally.

What will I learn at the group sessions?
LighterLife was the first national long-term weight-loss programme to introduce ground-breaking psychology into its small weekly groups. This is so important for keeping the weight off long term.

Jane Donald, 44, who dropped four dress sizes in four months on LighterLife, says: ‘I learnt to separate genuine hunger from imagined hunger. In my group I learnt that I used food to cope with problems, which I’d been doing since I was a little girl.’

If I’m on a low-calorie diet will I be tired?
Absolutely not. LighterLifer Jane said she felt better than ever during her weight-loss phase. ‘I was full of energy and my mood dramatically lifted,’ she said. ‘My skin, hair and nails improved. I was getting compliments about my weight loss, which was pretty inspiring too.’

If you’re interested in starting your LighterLife journey get in touch today to find out how our groups can help you.

9 thoughts on “What is the LighterLife Diet?

lucy ujamaa

I would like to try your products if they are affordable. My wedding anniversary is on December 30th. Help!!!


    Hi there Lucy, how can we help? :)

Jane mills

Please can you tell me how much it is to join literlife. Thank you


    Hi Jane, of course. It’s £15 per week for the Counsellor sessions and Foodpacks start from £1.80. Can we help with anything else?

sherri medus

i wish it was possible for me to afford this program! i continue to read the emails you send…..because i keep in hope you will have something that a pensioner as myself, could afford! i have gone to see what the meals would cost, and again they are more than other diets. so i wait with this weight i need to lose!
sincerely, sherri medus


    Hi Sherri, the plan might not be as expensive as you think. Many of our clients often find that if they break down how much they normally spend in a week on food and drink then it actually works out quite good value.

P Mccomas

Can I purchase Lighterlife without joining a group am I able to keep in touch by email group if possible please as im a full time carer so my time is limited I would appreciate your assistance thankyou


    Hi Pat, you might be able to join our LighterLife 2U programme, this is where you attend over-the-phone sessions. Would this be something of interest for you?

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