Weight loss myths: the truth about dietary habits and folklore

September 23, 2014 - Health & Nutrition, Weight loss tips


Eating after 8pm makes you gain weight and celery burns fat – these are just a couple of the dietary myths people believe, and there are hundreds more! But do any of them actually work? We’re cracking down on weight loss folklore to separate the wisdom from the wacky.

Always eat breakfast to boost your metabolism
A bowl of cereal will not magically boost your metabolism. While it’s true that digesting food does require our metabolisms to speed up a little, the calories we consume vastly outweigh the amount used for digestion. What’s more, a high-carb breakfast like toast or cereal may actually trigger mid-morning hunger pangs due to the way carbs are processed in the body. Studies show that a protein breakfast, like a boiled egg, tends to help people feel fuller for longer.

Snacking between meals is a no-no
You can eat between meals as long as you don’t exceed your daily required calorie intake. It’s advisable to stick to healthy, nutritious snacks. However, the danger is that if you eat between meals you can easily lose track of what you’ve consumed and exceed your daily energy requirements.

Eating after 8pm causes weight gain
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the time of day you eat that makes a key difference: it’s the amount of calories you consume on any given day, combined with the amount of calories you burn that tips the scales for or against you.

If you go on a diet you’ll lose weight quickly – but put it back on again quickly
The rate at which you lose weight has no bearing on how quickly you might potentially put it back on afterwards. The key to success in managing your weight is to evaluate and dismantle the psychological triggers that persuade you to overeat in the first place. Then you won’t be tempted to slide back into the old, unhealthy eating habits that cause weight gain.

During abstinence you’ll be hungry
As countless LighterLife clients will testify, this is simply not the case. Generally, after three or four days, any extreme hunger pangs will cease. This is because when the body’s in fat-burning mode (or ketosis), our appetites are suppressed.

Certain foods, like celery, burn fat
The amount of calories required for digestion are always exceeded by the calories within it. So, no food can burn fat!

Not everything you hear is always true, so make sure you research these dietary habits next time you think about copying a celebrity’s health regime. We’re cracking the whip on all kinds of weight loss myths so you know the facts. Make sure you share this post on Facebook and Twitter to help us educate the nation!

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Dr. Anjana Chhabra

Thanks for cracking down weight loss myths. I completely agree with you for eating between meals . You can eat anything as long as you are not exceeding your daily calories limit

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