Weight loss absurdities through the ages…

October 10, 2011 - Health & Nutrition

PictureAre you trying to find the perfect weight loss solution? Interested in getting thin quickly with minimal to no effort at all? Well, the solution is…non-existent – and it never will be.

Weight loss is never going to be easy. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t  had a good old go at attempting to make it so!

Check out our Top 5 absurd weight loss techniques from over the ages to see just how silly people have been in the quest to shed some pounds.

La Parle Soap
Originated in… America as an Obesity Soap. It was advertised in 1903 as a soap that would ‘never fail to reduce fat’. Need I say that the soap inevitably failed on the basis that it did not do what it said on the tin.

Although the soap was a dramatic fail with regard to its weight loss qualities, its release ensured that all users maintained excellent hygiene habits – sparkly clean!

The diet fork
Originated in…well it’s impossible to say. Diet forks have been around for years in various guises. The aim of the invention was to (hopefully) stop people gorging on large amounts of food by making the fork small and difficult to handle.

Although ‘the diet fork’ would indeed make ones meal far less enjoyable- I don’t know about you, but if I were a hungry user, I’d bin the fork and eat with my hands!

Originated in… the 1920’s when ads for tapeworm pills first began to appear. The aim being that once ingested the eggs would make their way down the colon and tiny worms would hatch.  These worms then feed off food passing through the digestive system.

Although this technique ultimately results in weight loss, it is NOT a particularly safe technique.  Tapeworms encapsulating in tissues may result in brain damage or seizures. Surely the LBD is not worth such a risk?

The Punkt Roller
Originated in…Germany in the Victorian ages. The roller is a rolling pin with suctions caps attached.  Buyers were told that if the pin was rolled over ones body it would coax the fat away.

Although the popularity of this technique has eventually subsided, it was still going strong up until late 1960’s!

The chew and spit technique
Originated in…America, the idea came from an Art dealer who felt that people should ‘spit out’ any food that didn’t break down into ‘gruel’ after consistent chewing. It was suggested that food was chewed 32 Times just to be sure.

Although there is some logic in the importance of chewing food properly – we do not advocate spitting out meals on this basis.  (Not only will you fail to lose weight, you will fail in a rather vulgar way!)

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