Understand Your Weight Loss Dreams With LighterLife

December 9, 2011 - Health & Nutrition

Dreaming about weight lossSome of our clients experience strange dreams during their weight loss. Are you someone who forgets last night’s dreams almost as soon as you wake up?

If so, at LighterLife we suggest it’s time to have a rethink. Ian Wallace, a renowned dream expert and therapist, claims it’s healthy to examine your dreams, particularly at a time of change such as weight loss. Here, Ian discusses the most common dreams and tells us what they mean:

1. Being Chased These dreams signify unresolved issues in our lives. If these issues remain unresolved, the dreams may become more and more frightening.
How do I tackle this? The individual needs to step outside their comfort zone and recognise whatever it is they are running from. Dealing with this pressure will eventually improve your life.

2. Teeth Falling Out Our teeth represent feelings of confidence and power. We do two very important things with our teeth – smile to show confidence and snarl to intimidate. Therefore, people who dream about teeth are experiencing a lack of confidence in their lives.
How do I tackle this? It is important to talk through and discuss the content of these dreams. Ian recommends that often what teeth you dream about is an indication of the area we need to sort out in our waking life. Therefore, if you dream about your incisors falling out – learn to take incisive action in your day-to-day actions.

3. Being Naked in Public Most of us have had these dreams and they can be humiliating. It’s often the case in these dreams that the only person who notices the dreamer is naked, is the dreamer themselves. This is a sign that in waking life the reader isn’t opening up to people around them.
How do I tackle this? Due to the vulnerable status of the dreamer in this dream, it is clear that the individual is struggling to express him or herself in public. One way to overcome this is to lay firmer boundaries with people. Assert yourself in the workplace and explain your feelings and why you’re feeling them at home.

4. Falling There are two types of sleep related falling. Firstly some people find that they’re on the point of falling asleep when they suddenly jerk awake, with a feeling of having pulled back from a fall. This is called a ‘hypnic jerk’. The second type is a process where the individual might take a while to fall, perhaps off a staircase or cliff.
How do I tackle this? Falling dreams can be the result of feeling tense or burdened. Ian suggests that some of his clients who dream of falling from a staircase are trying to climb the corporate ladder. Such experiences in everyday life can result in feelings of anxiety and should be addressed by the dreamer.

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