Three big reasons why a forest break is just what you need…

October 30, 2015 - Health & Nutrition

We’ve picked out the top 3 reasons, given by Relationship Psychotherapist and Author Paula Hall, why you deserve to treat yourself to a wondrous forest break.


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All relationships and families benefit from a break and a bit of TLC to stay happy and harmonious. It doesn’t matter what your home life is like, whether you’re a childfree couple, parents of tots or of teens, home life can get stressful.

Time away helps shake off feelings of irritability and can put a stop to seemingly endless arguments.
Sometimes it’s easy to recognize when your relationships are under pressure and need a break, frequent arguments or feeling irritable or short tempered. Sometimes however, the signs are less obvious, family members spending less time at home, awkward silences when you are together.

Being away from day to day life offers time to reflect, refocus and will help you appreciate each other more.
It also reminds you to have fun again. LighterLifers who have worked through the ‘glow’ module will have looked at ways to include more fun in their lives (how’s that going guys)? If you don’t know what we’re talking about find out more.

If the above hasn’t convinced you that you’re worth it, scientific research found that all generations enjoy moments of togetherness and the ‘wow’ factor. Unsurprisingly the research showed that parents want relaxation and kids love moments of activity and absorption. Now both ‘wow’ and ‘something for everyone’ is exactly what you get on a holiday spent in the forest.

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