Planning for a Total-ly awesome Christmas!

December 21, 2015 - Christmas, Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Living, Success Stories, Weight loss tips
Planning for a Total-ly awesome Christmas!



Christmas for me is all about family and friends. My family and I always go BIG at Christmas, I live in Birmingham, my brother lives in London and my mum and dad are in Wiltshire. With us all on opposite sides of the country Christmas is our chance to spend some real quality time together.

Last Christmas…

Christmas Day was at my mum’s last year; we had a traditional turkey with all the trimmings.

Dad’s on Boxing Day was a bit different, nobody fancied another roast so we did a mix of charcuterie, seafood tempura and dips and salads. It was a really nice change… If you’ve ever seen the episode of the vicar of Dibley with the five Christmas dinners, that’s me and my bother some years! It is entirely excessive and very unnecessary.

This Christmas…

I’m continuing on my LighterLife Total journey this Christmas. I am going to make a trifle, then have bars and a spag bol (my favourite). I’m going to have a supply of savoury broth and jelly to counter any temptation. I am also going to make a LighterLife ‘granita’ with the pink grapefruit drink mix blended with slushed ice.

Christmas this year is with my dad’s family. My brother is travelling this year so it’s going to be scaled down (phew!). We’re not really one for traditions on Christmas Day, it’s just hang out and be merry, and the mandatory bad TV!

My motivation…

I am not going to let my first weigh in of 2016 be a gain! No chance! I don’t want to look in my log book and see a bad week just because of Christmas. My family know that the end goal is what matters, Christmas is just a day – food doesn’t make Christmas!

You can do it LighterLifers!

Be honest with yourself, is one day worth coming out of ketosis? Is it worth spending the money on food?  If you are new or not too far into your journey then honestly ask yourself whether one day will be enough, will one day turn into a week? When I did LighterLife in 2013 I had “Christmas off” and I found it too hard to get back on it, Christmas Day turned into Christmas week then New Years… By the time it came to weigh in I couldn’t face the scales. Knowing that now I can put a plan in place to avoid it.

Remember to talk to your counsellor they’ll have some hints, tips and advice on how to stay on plan or how to manage during the festive period.