Spilling the proverbial beans and answering common coffee myths…

November 4, 2015 - Health & Nutrition

cherizena_main_smallWelcome coffee lovers, grab a mug and make yourself comfortable, the team here at LighterLife HQ have teamed up with LighterLife Perks partner and coffee specialist Cherizena to divulge secrets that will hopefully change the way you enjoy coffee, forever…

Don’t be afraid to try something new
If you feel like truly treating yourselves, two of the rarest and most expensive coffees in the world are Kopi Luwak (aka the civet cat coffee) and Hawaiian Maui, treat yourself and tell us what you think!

Coffee isn’t exclusively for caffeine heads
One of the burning topics asked over again is ‘is decaffeinated coffee weaker than regular coffee?’ And the answer is, it doesn’t have to be. If you opt for good quality decaff and it’s the same bean, roasted in the same way, the flavour and depth should be just the same.

What you should know about espresso
Hands up who thought an ‘espresso’ was purely a thick, strong, dark shot of coffee for the true caffeine junkie. Not the case, the word espresso actually refers to the method of making the coffee, not the coffee type; some lighter roasts can actually make superb espressos as their natural flavours are enhanced during preparation.

Plus you don’t need an electric machine to enjoy the perfect espresso. A traditional stove-top pot (aka Moka pot or Italian coffee pot) works just as well and produces an even ‘cleaner’ taste.

You could even surprise someone with one of the specialist coffees as a gift for Christmas. Or simply upgrade your own stock to treat your guests with, over the festive period.

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