Smile yourself happy: 7 ways to strengthen your health

September 16, 2014 - Health & Nutrition, Psychology


Did you know that a smile can give you the same level of satisfaction as eating 2,000 chocolate bars*? Smiling not only makes you feel good but can also improve your health. Here are seven top tips for strengthening your emotional health…

1. Improve your social network
Good friends and family can act as a buffer against depression, loneliness and anxiety so make sure to arrange time for them.

2. Limit life’s demands
Create a list of three categories: things you feel you have to do, things you’d like to do and things you really don’t want to do. Work through and use your list to delegate or say ‘no’ to non-essential requests, this way you’ll manage your time better.

3. Breathe deeply
Feel instantly calmer by practising diaphragmatic breathing. Inhale deeply, allowing your chest and abdomen to rise to a count of four, then exhale slowly to a count of four. Repeat this exercise several times a day to see a difference in your stress levels.

4. Start a gratitude list
Don’t get hung up on the negatives. Get in the habit of jotting down up to five specific things you’re grateful for each day. Include anything – from the fact you have a roof over your head to the passing smile of a stranger. By doing this activity everyday you’ll always see the brighter side of life.

5. Cut yourself some slack 
Give yourself more credit, perfectionism can set you up for anxiety and depression – so remember it’s OK to make mistakes! These slip ups are life lessons that will help you learn what not to do next time. Try using the mantra: ‘Progress not perfection’.

6. Do something for someone else
Help a friend or neighbour who’s having problems whenever you can. Reaching out to others really helps boost our own self-esteem, as well as making the other person feel happier and not less alone.

7. Look on the bright side 
Studies show that optimisits tend to live longer. Even in the midst of deep grief it’s worth remembering: ‘This too shall pass’ to help keep a positive outlook.

Keep up the great work with your LighterLife plan and remember to smile yourself happy!
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*Source: Dental health