Seasons greetings from a healthier, happier 12st lighter me…

December 16, 2015 - Christmas, Health & Nutrition, Living, Success Stories, Weight loss tips, Weight Management
Seasons greetings from a healthier, happier 12st lighter me…

Christmas is all about spending time with my family and friends. I am a Christmas fanatic and love everything about this wonderful time of the year. I have about a hundred Christmas jumpers and dresses from charity shops…all in a much, much smaller size.

Last Christmas…

Breakfast: Chocolate, then pate on toast

Christmas dinner: Breaded mushrooms with a blue cheese dip; traditional Christmas dinner of a three bird roast, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, chestnut stuffing, pigs in blankets, swede, parsnips, red cabbage and lots and lots of sprouts!

Dessert: Chocolate brownie cake

Supper: Cheese and biscuits with port

Not forgetting the alcohol from about 11am until I collapsed into a food coma at about 11pm.

This Christmas…

As I’m on maintenance I’m making all the family eat LighterLife recipes with a couple of extras for them.

Christmas Dinner: Mushrooms cooked in a garlic and low fat yoghurt sauce on a bed of rocket and spinach. Five bird roast with copious amounts of vegetables that I will be having my daily allowance of permitted vegetables from.

Dessert: Elderflower sparkling jelly with winter berries

All of these courses have been worked out by me as being suitable for week 7 of maintenance so it’ll be a guilt-free session for me spread out over a long period of time throughout the day.

The family will still have their roasties of course and some toasted ciabatta with their starter.

I am spending Christmas…

With the people who have supported me the most this year and who I could not live without, my mum, my sister, her boyfriend and the most important person in the world, Bobo the dog.

My family are having the same menu as me but with a couple of added extras and my sister has bought some board games so that we can focus on things other than eating and slobbing out. Bobo will be helping me the most though as we’re going for a run in the afternoon with her new santa outfit.

Motivation this Christmas…

I feel even more motivated this Christmas than ever before. I’m looking forward to viewing Christmas in a different way other than excess eating and drinking. I remember last year how fat, horrible and lethargic I felt after stuffing my face and getting blind drunk. My physical and mental health suffered. For me, this Christmas is all about celebrating how far I’ve come. Looking back at last year to this year is motivation enough for me.

My tips for current clients…

It is one day of the year. That moment of elation whilst you’re lapsing will be nothing in comparison to the achievement you will feel knowing that you abstained. Christmas isn’t about over-indulgence, it’s about spending time with the family and friends who you love and that is much more important that any food you put in your mouth.

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(And Bobo)