Questions About Weight Loss Answered by Dr Hilary Jones

January 26, 2012 - Dr Hilary Jones, Health & Nutrition

Do you have questions about weight loss? At LighterLife, we try to help any way we can so on 20 January we invited Daybreak’s very own Dr Hilary Jones to join us live on our LighterLife Twitter to answer questions about weight loss and healthy living from our LighterLife community.

Any ideas on how to tackle excess skin after weight loss?
Realistically the skin’s elasticity will never be the same as it was before weight gain but toning it with a series of alternations between hot saunas followed and cold baths or showers will certainly help. Contrast bathe – move from hot to cold and then repeat as many times as possible. You should also use plenty of moisturiser and tone your muscles with resistance exercise. If you are really unhappy with your excess skin then surgery is an option but it is time consuming, expensive and not usually available on the NHS. Try to think positively about what you’ve achieved losing weight and how much better you feel now you are lighter.
I know hair shedding is normal on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) but is there anything I can do or take to combat it?
This is indeed normal and it is also only temporary. With the LighterLife foodpacks are carefully balanced so it is certainly not a nutrition issue, but rather a normal reaction to weight loss and reduced calorie intake. Hair regrows within about 3 months of starting a VLCD or once you start the Management Programme.

I’ve had moments of feeling weak. Any tips? I’ve just sat down for a while and am taking it very easy.
A little more aerobic exercise such as brisk walking should prevent it happening again, but go steady and don’t push yourself too hard. Feelings of weakness are not uncommon in the initial stages of rapid weight loss so don’t panic, but always listen to your body and rest if you need to.

Whenever I do any exercise I feel hungry to the point I’ve had to avoid it. I’ve been on LighterLife for 6 months and have lost 6 stone.
Firstly, well done on your weight loss. Exercise is very important for health. You could try increasing the intensity of the exercise slightly as this can help to suppress appetite. Always listen to your own body though and never push yourself too hard or too fast.

What’s a safe level of exercise to do while on LighterLife?
The same as for life in general. Thirty minutes a day at least 5 times a week.

Can I reduce hunger by drinking more water. How much water should I drink?
A high protein shake can reduce appetite if you’re peckish. Two litres of water a day should be fine.

If you have more questions about weight loss that you’d like to get answered, talk to us on our LighterLife Twitter or like our page on Facebook. We’ll be announcing a new live web chat with Dr Hilary Jones soon.

2 thoughts on “Questions About Weight Loss Answered by Dr Hilary Jones

Donna Woods

Should I refrain from doing exercise in the first 5 days of doing the lighter life diet until my body gets used to having less food


    Hi Donna, apologies for our delay in getting back to you. In answer to your question about doing exercise on LighterLife – yes, an active lifestyle is really important for your health. Simply choose something you enjoy and do it regularly, such as walking, swimming, going to the gym or an exercise class.
    If you’re already enjoying an active lifestyle and are quite fit, just take it steady at first. If you’re new to it, please speak to your GP, particularly if you have any medical conditions that could be affected by physical activity.

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