Diet myths busted: Drinking green tea helps to burn calories

April 16, 2013 - Nutrition

dietmyth7 133764658WEBFinding your way among the maze of information about diets and nutrition can be tough – how do you know which statements to believe? In this series of blogs, we’re exploring those diet myths to see if there’s anything truth behind them.

Myth: Drinking green tea helps to burn calories

The truth: There has been much research done on this. ‘However, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that green tea has any significant calorie-burning effect, above and beyond what we’ve already described for caffeine (a 6% rise in your body’s baseline temperature per 50mg cup – averaging at 18 calories burnt over four hours) and in fact habitual caffeine consumers (so anybody who drinks tea and coffee regularly) there is almost no effect at all – so I’d say there’s not enough evidence to warrant drinking green tea for weight-loss purposes,’ said Dr Kelly Johnston.