LighterLife: Top fun fitness trends for 2014

December 16, 2013 - Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle

Tough Mudder London South SatDoes the thought of slogging it out in the gym depress you? If so, then try something different instead. Our top 5 fitness trends for 2014 will have you getting fit and healthy the fun way while on your weight-loss journey…

1. Interval training
P90x and crossfit have been the talk of the town recently and they are set to get even bigger in 2014. Grab a friend and head down to your nearest class. High-intensity interval training involves working out as hard as you can for a short period of time, followed by a short, less-intense period. These workouts use a combination of exercises such as plyometrics (jumping), strength training, yoga, cardiovascular exercise and stretching. Interval training is aimed at both men and women who are already doing a bit of exercise and who are looking for something different and challenging.

2. Fierce
If you love to dance and let loose your inner wild child, then you’ll love the African tribal dance class Fierce. It’s inspired by the tribal rhythms and high energy moves of traditional South African dancing. It is all about saying ‘yes’ to the music and letting your body move to the rhythms, which have been produced by one of Africa’s most influential and respected producers, Dino Moran. Great for people who are fans of Zumba. To find out more visit

3. Core conditioning classes
Pilates and yoga classes have fast become a staple fixture on the gym timetable and continue to be popular with both men and women. Increasing flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness, both Pilates and yoga improve muscular and postural strength, and have become more favoured with the introduction of variations of the exercise, such as performing both in 40°C heat. These classes are also great for relaxing the body and mind!

4. Obstacle Races
Forget triathlons, 2014 is all about the assault courses, like Tough Mudder, Spartan and Rat Race Dirty Weekend. Designed to stretch your physical and emotional endurance to the max, you’ll be scaling walls, scrambling under nets, pulling yourself through underwater tunnels and all manner of muddy challenges. Fun is guaranteed on these races so entering with a group of friends is a must!

5. 3-2-1 app
Don’t fancy a class? Ramona Braganza, the personal trainer behind the amazing bods of Jessica Alba and Halle Berry, is launching an app that brings her signature 3-2-1 training method to us normal folk. The app coaches you through the very same moves she uses with her Hollywood clients and promises a brand-new you in just 12 weeks, with minimal equipment, wherever you are. For more information, visit