LighterLife Raspberry Jelly has arrived!

December 18, 2014 - Desserts, Health & Nutrition


We’re excited to announce the arrival of Raspberry Jelly. Not only does it make for a tasty sweet treat, but as it’s carb free, citric acid free and sugar free, you can also eat as much as you like without feeling guilty.

Launched on 15th December, the new Raspberry Jelly has already been very popular with clients. It’s sugar free, citric acid free, fat free, high in protein and contains 100% natural flavourings. It costs just 99p per sachet and you can have this in additional to your daily Foodpacks. Other popular Foodpacks include Crispy Peanut Bar, Curry, Spaghetti Bolognese, Porridge, Strawberry and Chocolate shakes.

How do Foodpacks work?
Our Foodpacks are the only Foodpacks available to comply with all Regulations governing Standard of Formula Foods for use in VLCD’s for weight reduction, so you can be reassured they are 100% safe. Did we mention they’re absolutely delicious too?!

When you’re on the LighterLife very-low-calorie diet, you’re getting complete nutrition from four daily Foodpacks – the only thing they don’t give you is unnecessary calories. Very-low-calorie diets (VLCDs) have been available in the UK for more than 30 years and are a highly effective way of helping overweight and obese people lose weight far more rapidly than would ever be possible using any other food-based diet. VLCDs like LighterLife Total consist of formula foods, which just like baby food, provide the sole external source of energy and pack all your daily requirements of essential nutrients – your complete nutrition – into around 650 kcal. When you’re on a VLCD, your additional energy requirements are taken care of by your body burning its stored fat, so you lose weight fast. LighterLife’s product development team ensure that our VLCD products not only meet but also, in many cases, exceed the expected nutrition levels laid down in European legislation.

What do they give my body?
Four of our LighterLife Foodpacks give you a daily intake of at least 50g protein, at least 50g carbohydrate, around 17g fats, an average of 14g fibre, and at least 100% of the reference intakes (RI) for 28 key vitamins and minerals. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure our strict product specifications are continuously met. Additionally, we outsource our product nutritional testing to a third party to guarantee that the composition is exactly where it needs to be. And last but not least, we regularly experiment with new flavours and improved formulations, conducted exclusively by our in-house, highly experienced team.

To find out more about LighterLife and the Foodpacks we offer, visit LighterLife



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Brenda Smith

The nearest Lightlife group is too far for me to get too, I have been purchasing my packs from Superdrugs, where can I get Raspberry jelly and drink mixes??

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