Lightening up? How Do You Discuss Your Weight Loss?

October 26, 2011 - Health & Nutrition

PictureWhen referring to readers’ real-life success stories, we speak in terms of dress sizes only. We have noticed that many of you have been wondering why LighterLife does not talk of specific weight loss. Well here is your answer…

It’s because we aren’t allowed to tell you how much weight someone has lost in a specific amount of time. And if a person has lost more than 2lbs a week, we’re not allowed to tell you that either.

Why not?
In the UK the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has the job of making sure that all advertising and marketing is legal, honest and truthful and complies with the relevant advertising codes. No one wants advertising that’s misleading or dishonest, tricking us into buying things that don’t do what they claim they will.
But it’s a bit more frustrating when it stops brands with really good products telling you just what they could do for you – like LighterLife not being able to tell you how much weight you could expect to lose. It’s a bit like saying to a train company that they’re not allowed to tell a customer what time their trains will arrive. Ridiculous!

So we aren’t allowed to tell you how fast others who have been on LighterLife have lost weight – even though we have tens of thousands of people who have lost weight with us, and even though this information is published at scientific conferences worldwide. All we are allowed to say is how many dress sizes (or waist measurements for men) someone has dropped. By the way, did you know you drop a dress size when you have lost between 10lbs and a stone – so you can work out how fast you might lose weight for yourself.

None the less, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you telling all your friends exactly how much weight you’ve lost and how quickly you’ve lost it thanks to LighterLife.

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