Learn when to listen to the little voice in your head, and when to challenge it!

October 15, 2015 - Health & Nutrition

Neon-imageCrooked or twisted thinking can be very dangerous. Your LighterLife Counsellor will help you explore two types of crooked thinking in this group session. The first is ‘mind reading’ where we tell ourselves we know what someone is thinking.

We can become skilled at interpreting just one look into a full-blown argument – all in our head- based on nothing more than fantasy.

Another type of crooked thinking is ‘predicting the future’. We decide we know the outcome of an event, before it’s actually happened. We then make a decision based on this imaginary knowledge.

The work you’ll do in your LighterLife group will help you straighten out this twisted thinking. It’s human nature to want to fill in the gaps but we need to make sure we don’t do this in an unhelpful way;

‘Oh I’m going to have an awful week, I just know it…’

Second sight is pretty powerful stuff, what we think, is generally what we get! Find out more about LighterLife groups and how to change your thinking, for good.