Identify Your Sleeping Pattern With Wearable Activity Trackers

March 14, 2016 - Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Living, Medical Advice, Nutrition, Research, Style
Identify Your Sleeping Pattern With Wearable Activity Trackers

LighterLifeHigh-tech wristbands are the new in-thing for tracking a healthy lifestyle, monitoring sleep patterns and heart rate.

Statistics from the NHS say one in three of us suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed. Most of us need around eight hours of good-quality sleep a night to function properly throughout the day. Lack of sleep can make us feel grumpy and leave us making poor decisions.

Identify your sleeping pattern with Misfit activity trackers – one of the latest partners in our LighterLife Perks Scheme. Misfit’s range of trackers feature built-in sensors, which work by detecting motion as you sleep. If you’re in a deep sleep you move less than when you’re in a light sleep – the tracker will monitor these different movements so you can see how many hours of light Vs deep sleep you’ve had, as well as how many times you’ve woke up throughout the night.

Activity trackers are also a great motivation and encouragement tool to lend a hand in driving you on to achieve your health, sleep and general wellbeing goals. In addition to tracking your movements activity trackers give feedback on your progress so you can review and analyse your results.

Misfit Shine is an elegant activity and sleep tracker is designed to give you motivation at a glance by emitting a halo of light thatMisfit shine shows progress towards your daily activity goal. It helps you find out how active you are each day, and set goals to improve.


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